Müskebi Cad.
194/A Sokak Scala Fink Beach İçi
Ortakent Yahşi Bodrum /Muğla

Tel: (0252) 358 63 14
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(0252) 358 63 14

Rental Equipment

Our equipment is divided into 3 categories: Beginner , Intermediate and Pro .

Our dacron starter rigs are made by Tushingham and the VDWS ranging from as small as 1.0m to 4.5m. The standard beginner board is a 2013 RRD Large Easyrider, whilst we also have special smaller starboard Go-boards for kids. After many years of teaching experience we believe that with the high standard of beginner equipment we provide, everybody can learn the basics of windsurfing within a maximum of 4 days.

Our intermediate kit is a selection of RRD, Starboard and Bic Boards sized between 110l and 165l and a selection of different sails all older then 2 years. We offer this option at a cheaper rate for those people who are more budget orientated and don’t care for getting the latest and best kit on the market.

We recommend pro equipment for anyone who’s in the harness, as we firmly believe that the newer technology of boards and sails combined with a higher standard of construction material, carbon boards and 75% carbon masts can make a big difference to your experience on the water! Specially when you are not professional our “pro-equipment” will make it easier for you to improve your sailing abilities. In the board section we offer models in different sizes of free-ride, freestyle, freestyle-wave and slalom. Whereas in our sail Section we have crossover sails and free-ride sails, as well as a couple of slalom sails available on special request. If you would like to find out more detail about the brands we have on offer in our Pro-section please visit their webpages:

1 Hour€25€35€50
1 Day€35€50€60
2 Days€55€80€95
1 Week€160€190€205
2 Weeks€260€280€295

Equipment Storage:

If you want to bring your own equipment, we have secure storage facilities, just take the boom off and keep your sail and board rigged up and ready to go in our ‘members corner’. If you decide to keep your kit at our center for a month or longer you also receive a free membership card.

1 Hour€10
1 Week€40
2 Weeks€60
1 Month€100
Season or 1 Year€250