Müskebi Cad.
194/A Sokak Scala Fink Beach İçi
Ortakent Yahşi Bodrum /Muğla

Tel: (0252) 358 63 14
GSM: (0532) 598 40 03

(0252) 358 63 14

Getting Here by Land


Bodrum has bus services to more or less anywhere you could wish to go. Buses are Turkey’s most widespread and popular means of transport. Virtually every first-time traveller to the country comments on the excellence of the bus system compared with that in their home country. The buses are well kept some with Wifi and comfortable too, you’ll be treated to snacks and tea along the journey.

Bodrum’s central bus station is called the “otogar” and is located in the city center from where you can easily get on a smaller bus called the “dolmus” that will take you straight to Lena Erdil Windsurf Center. Look for a dolmus labeled “ortakent-yahsi” and ask to get off at “Fink Beach”.

These are some of the best companies for travel around Turkey with extensive route networks:

• Kamil Koç (444 0562; in Turkish)
• Ulusoy (444 1888;
• Varan (444 8999, 0212-551 5000;


Taxi’s are a good way to get anywhere and are still relatively cheap. A taxi from the airport to our center will costs you roughly 130 TL and takes around 40 minutes.