Müskebi Cad.
194/A Sokak Scala Fink Beach İçi
Ortakent Yahşi Bodrum /Muğla

Tel: (0252) 358 63 14
GSM: (0532) 598 40 03

(0252) 358 63 14

Redbull Prince of island

The Redbull Prince of Island Race is a unique windsurfing course / 1 hour classic fun race, on a natural course. The aim of the game was sailing around Celebi island as many times as possible within 1 hour! Check out the Video :

SUP Island Race

We try to do this once a week, depending on how many entrants we get. It is basically a small weekly competition of who get to the island first! The paddle back is usually a more leisurely affair, but can be included into the competition aswell ! Winners get a free drink of their choice from Moments Surf Bar.

King of the Beach Volleyball Tournaments

Once a month it gets serious when we play for the title of “King of the Beach” and keen Volleyball players from all over Bodrum come to Ortakent to battle it out in this tournament and Party together afterwards… See our Event’s Calendar for more information


Freeride Clinic with Nicolas Warembourg 14th of August 2014

Sign up for a free ride Clinic with the infamous french windsurfing coach Nicolas Warembourg, the clinic will be in french so here are the details in french. Find out more about Nicolas and his clinics under

Le Programme:

Cette clinic s’adresse à toutes les personnes souhaitant découvrir et progresser en Freeride: une navigation pour le plaisir et sans contrainte, accompagnez de votre coach, vous pourrez perfectionner votre pratique du windsurf à votre rythme quelque soit votre niveau: planning, harnais, navigation dans les straps, jibe, vitesse… même les plus confirmés y trouveront leur bonheur.

Niveau requis: tous les niveaux de débutant à confirmé

Matos: Patrik Diethelm Boards & Loft Sails